Designing a family friendly kitchen can help make your kitchen space more suitable for your lifestyle and daily activities, and can improve functionality. But what are the important considerations for family friendly kitchen design? And how can you be sure to achieve the right results?

What are the most important considerations for family friendly kitchen design?

There are a number of important considerations to bear in mind when creating a family friendly kitchen. These considerations include:

  • An open layout- An open layout can be very beneficial for a family friendly kitchen as this allows for better visibility and interaction among family members. It also provides space for children to play or do homework while parents cook, promoting family time and making the kitchen the heart of the home..
  • Durable materials- One important factor to consider for family friendly kitchen design is the type of materials you choose. Durability is an important feature for both countertops and flooring, as this will need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of family life. Materials like quartz and laminate are good options.
  • Storage solutions- In any kitchen, the amount of storage available is an important factor to consider. For family kitchens, this can be even more important. Ample storage can help to keep the kitchen clutter-free. Pull-out drawers, pantry organisers, and deep cabinets can help to maximise space and accessibility.
  • Child-friendly heights- Another factor to consider is how your children will be interacting with the kitchen space. It is possible to consider adding lower countertops to your worksurfaces or kitchen island to give children a space, making cooking and baking easier. 
  • Kitchen island considerations- If you want to include a kitchen island in your family friendly kitchen design, you should consider using rounded corners, as these are often much safer for children. You could also consider having part of this lowered to a more child friendly height, and adding seating, so that children can participate in cooking and baking.

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