Gloss is at the centre of all contemporary kitchens. The surfaces and the cabinets are all equally shiny and reflective. But how is this created, and what are the different types of gloss kitchen finish? Well, here at MLS Kitchens, we are kitchen design experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to gloss kitchen finishes.

Gloss PVC

Generally the cheapest option, this is also the most common way to create glossy kitchen cabinet doors. First, the doors are cut from a composite, like MDF. Then a vinyl wrap is applied over the top, just like post formed or fully wrapped doors. However, to create the ultra glossy effect, the PVC then needs to be vacuum formed and sealed over the top. This creates an incredibly shiny and glossy finish.

However, gloss PVC doors are usually not used for darker kitchen colours, because the forming process will show any surface imperfections in a darker colour.

Acrylic gloss

For the contemporary glossy kitchen, solid acrylic is another option. Made entirely of acrylic, these doors are more expensive than gloss PVC but they do provide a more even colour. The end result is an incredibly glossy and smooth surface that compares well with the gloss lacquer kitchen.

However, the acrylic finish is susceptible to scratches. So your doors and surfaces will need to be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaning agent. If you do scratch the acrylic, don’t panic, the scratches will buff out.

Gloss lacquer kitchen finishes

The most expensive option, the gloss lacquer finish is of an extremely high standard. The door itself will have an MDF core, but this will be repeatedly sprayed with lacquer, over the top of an initial primer. The primer will already have been smoothed out, sealed, and filed to make the perfect surface for the lacquer. As a result, the spray lacquer leads to a deep and even coating that is ultra smooth and highly reflective. The final product is seamless, with no joints, which means it is high quality and incredibly durable. As well as being waterproof.

To choose your own contemporary kitchen with a gloss finish, check out our range today, here at MLS Kitchens.

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