Kitchens often get ignored when thinking about colour, yet colour is such an important aspect of your home and a kitchen offers a great opportunity to do something fabulous! Maybe it’s time to give your kitchen that colour makeover it deserves. Here are a few ideas.

1. Grey style

Grey is a modest colour so it might surprise you to know that it is becoming much more fashionable than white. Why? Because grey sets off the other colours in your home, it gently mellows the tone of your kitchen while boosting the white of your sink and letting the natural wood of your dresser shine through.

2. Splash tops

One of the latest trends is to brighten up your kitchen by adding a colour to function, why not ditch that traditional white or stainless steel sink for green or maroon or even black?

3. Checkmate

If it’s contrast you want, the powerful tones of a black and white kitchen, echoing the nostalgia for pie and mash shops and delicious comfort food, is another option. Easy to clean, shiny surfaces complement the hardworking chef producing fabulous food in a striking kitchen and so adds to the welcome in any home.

4. Blended

If high contrast is a bit much, then the blended colours of wood and white can fit seamlessly into any home style. The traditional feel of wood, perhaps deep and dark, or Shaker style, blending beautifully with white surfaces creates cohesion; add traditional chairs or modern bar stools for originality, or keep it simple for space.

5. Mosaic

Plan your kitchen to use light and shadow and add style with a subtle mosaic of colours, such as taupe and eggplant, that can add a sense of depth and variety to your kitchen. Light plays with the colours, creating a difference every day. You could also use the alternating colours to code your drawers and cupboards – always know where the mixer is!

Whatever you want, MLS Kitchens can work with you on your kitchen makeover. Book a no-obligation consultation, and use our designers and technology to talk colours!

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