When it comes to renovating the kitchen, contemporary design is one of the most popular design styles. But as the name suggests, this is a design theme that is regularly evolving to stay up to date with modern developments. The small details in a contemporary kitchen can be the defining factor for success. So, what are the important Finishing touches for contemporary kitchens? And how can this make a difference to your kitchen design? Well,¬†here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you choose the perfect small details for your contemporary kitchen.

Important finishing touches for contemporary kitchens

For any contemporary kitchen, there are some small details that are crucial for overall design success. These include:

  • The kitchen taps
  • The cabinet handles

Kitchen taps for contemporary kitchens

In a contemporary kitchen, the emphasis is on clean, straight lines and defined shape. With no intricate detail included. A rounded mixer tap can be the perfect choice, while square designs are also very visually effective. Silver, black and brushed copper colours are typically used to good effect in contemporary kitchens.

Kitchen cabinet handles for contemporary kitchens

Handles in contemporary kitchens are a grey area. Many kitchens are handle-less, to remove the visual distraction of the handle, and to create a distinct, smooth finish. But other handle choices can be visually effective, and support the temporary kitchen design. These include:

  • Bar handles- Made from steel, brass, pewter and other metals, these handles tend to be longer and wider than handles used on traditional kitchen cabinets, which helps create a clear visual statement.
  • Round handles- When you choose smooth, round handles, without any intricate details, you can create a stunning contemporary effect.

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