Throughout the last few years, there has been a growing demand for timber effect kitchen cabinets. These are cabinets that have the effect of real wood, but don’t have to come with the heavy price tag! But why is this timber effect so popular? Here at MLS Kitchens in Manchester, we work with a wide range of customers looking for the perfect timber effect kitchen. As a result, we have produced this expert guide to timber effect kitchen cabinets.

Why timber effect?

Demand for timber effect cabinets, doors, and panels, has grown for a number of reasons. These include:

⦁ The durability of this man-made material
⦁ The low maintenance nature of timber effect wood
⦁ Affordable costs
⦁ The environmentally friendly alternative


The durability of man-made, timber effect materials is a fantastic selling point, as timber effect is strong, hard-wearing and versatile. Unlike many real wooden cupboards, timber effect cupboards will not necessarily split or crack over time. This is because they can be more heat and water resistant than real wood, which will need regular maintenance to withstand kitchen conditions. As a result, timber effect materials are the perfect choice for kitchens, where both heat and water can cause real problems.

Low Maintenance

To keep a wooden kitchen surface looking great, you will need to apply products to the surface. The regularity of these applications will depend on the type of wood used, as well as the finish. However, when compared with the low effort required to keep timber effect surfaces looking amazing, real wood requires a lot more work.


Real wooden surfaces in your kitchen often have a hefty price tag, which puts them way over most people’s budget range. Timber effect has improved such a lot in recent years that it offers a real, high quality, effective alternative. It can also be much more affordable, with price ranges to suit almost any budget. However, it’s worth noting that some high quality veneers can set you back, more so than real wood!

Environmentally friendly

Timber effect offers a real eco-friendly alternative to real wood. Even wooden cabinets and surfaces that are sustainably sourced are still a drain on our planets natural resources. For homeowners and property developers looking for a more eco-friendly alternative, timber effect is perfect.

In summary

With so many benefits to timber effect kitchen cabinets, it is no surprise that this man-made material is becoming an incredibly popular alternative to real wood. If you would like to make the most out of timber effect cabinets and surfaces in your new kitchen, why not pop into our Manchester based showroom?

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