Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design specialists. And as we approach the midpoint of the year, its a great time to consider the kitchen design trends that are increasing in popularity. Especially in terms of contemporary, design. This is because, if you want a contemporary kitchen, you need to make sure it is 100% cutting edge. Making design choices based on last years trends for example, could leave your kitchen out of style in just a few months. To avoid this fate, take a look at our guide to the emerging design trends for contemporary kitchens this year.

Emerging design trends for contemporary kitchens 2019

So, the design trends we have seen so far this year, include:

  • curved kitchens
  • jagged zonal areas
  • natural stone effect features

Curved kitchens

Kitchens currently can be quite boxy. From rectangular kitchen worktops and islands, to square cupboards and cabinets, there are a lot of corners. Curved kitchens are all about adding shape and a flowing movement through the kitchen space. This draws attention away from the edges and the shape itself, instead tying everything into the kitchen itself. To achieve this effect, curved kitchen worktops can be a great option, as can curved cabinets and cupboards.

Jagged zonal areas

For open plan contemporary kitchens, creating different zones with visual features is a great way to add structure to the layout. But the emerging trend of creating jagged zonal areas, seeks to blur these boundaries. Jagged zonal areas are created by using floor tiles to divide the room. But instead of creating a straight edge, the tiles are laid alternatively for a row or two, to create an unsymmetrical, interesting effect.

Natural stone effect features

Stone effect and natural colours have long been popular for kitchens. But in contemporary kitchens in particular, we are currently seeing much more of this being used. From stone effect worktops, to sinks and draining boards, and stone effect tiles, contemporary kitchens are combining stone effect features with contemporary design.

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