Planning and designing your new kitchen involves making a lot of important decisions. From planning the layout, and choosing the best materials to use, to deciding on a colour scheme, every choice has an effect on your kitchen. And the colours you opt for could be more important than you might think. Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design specialists. And we help homeowners and property developers around Manchester and the North West, create a stunning kitchen. As a result, we have produced this guide to using contrasting colours in the kitchen.

Kitchen colour schemes

From your cabinets to your flooring and walls, there are a number of ways to use colour in the kitchen. But have you considered using contrasting colours? Contrasting colours can help create a stunning kitchen, with a number of visual features.

In general, usual kitchen colour schemes tend to fall into a specific category, such as:

  • neutral colours- beiges, creams and browns
  • natural colours
  • white
  • black
  • grey
  • monochrome

Using contrasting colours in the kitchen

While your kitchen cabinets will make good use of one colour, it’s likely that your wall tiles or floor tiles will be a complementary colour. And this helps to create a kitchen that is visually appealing. But contrasting colours can be equally effective. For example:

  • Black and white – using white kitchen cabinets and black and white tiles, you can create a kitchen that oozes sophistication and class. Or you can use glossy black cabinets on a white tiled background for a more contemporary effect.
  • Browns and blues- if you have a rustic kitchen or a country kitchen, you could consider using natural hardwood cabinets and work-surfaces, paired with blue tiles in a splashback zone. With some neutral tiles in the rest of the space. The blue will contrast with the brown, and inject some colour into your kitchen. But it should be limited to one wall, or a splashback area. Otherwise the effect will be overwhelming.
  • Red and black- While red technically contrasts with green, these two colours don’t tend to fit well in a kitchen. However, red and black can be extremely effective. Why not opt for red cabinets, and black tiles? However, you should beware that this colour combination can look quite dark. So it should only be used in spaces with a lot of natural light. And the black tiles should again be restricted to one wall or splashback area.

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