When designing or creating any kitchen, it’s important to consider the central attributes that really allow the style of the room to stand out. And for a traditional kitchen there are a number of design features to include. Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design specialists. From the most cutting-edge, innovative contemporary kitchens, to stunning farmhouse, and traditional kitchens, we can offer something for any home, to suit any style. As a result, we have produced this guide to the considerations for designing a traditional kitchen.

Considerations for designing a traditional kitchen

To make sure your kitchen really demonstrates the traditional feel, and creates the right kind of atmosphere, you should consider including a number of key design features. These include:

  • Using natural materials- solid wood, or wood effect cupboards, can be very effective in a traditional kitchen, where they make the space feel warm and welcoming. A hardwood floor, or natural effect tiles can also be a great addition to any traditional kitchen, emphasizing nature and timeless appeal.  Both the colour and the texture of the natural materials can help to create a homely, cozy feel.
  • Focus on the finishing touches- from the handles, to the accessories, any traditional kitchen should have finishing touches that suit the style of the space. This includes choosing door handles made from natural materials, as well as any decorative touches like tiles or paint. Often, the finishing touches make a lot of difference to a kitchen, helping to establish a clear style.
  • Seating- if your traditional kitchen is large enough to fit in any kind of seating, even a breakfast bar, you should include it. The traditional kitchen should be warm and welcoming, and is a great place for sharing meals and relaxing. Seating can make your kitchen more useful, and more practical.

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