When creating a new kitchen design, it’s important to choose the right cabinets that will not only provide ample storage, but will also enhance the visual design of your kitchen. One of the most popular cabinet options currently is touch to open kitchen cabinets. But what are these? And what are the benefits of touch to open kitchen cabinets?

What are the benefits of touch to open kitchen cabinets?

There are a number of benefits to choosing touch to open cabinets for your kitchen. These benefits and advantages include:

  • Sleek and minimalist design: Touch-to-open cabinets create a clean and uncluttered appearance in the kitchen. Without protruding handles, the cabinets seamlessly blend into the overall design, giving the space a sleek and minimalist look. This enhances the visual appeal of the kitchen, especially in contemporary and modern interior designs.
  • Easy access and convenience: One of the most significant benefits of touch-to-open cabinets is the convenience they offer. With a simple touch, you can access the contents of the cabinets quickly and effortlessly. This is especially useful when your hands are occupied with cooking tasks or when you need to access the cabinets quickly.
  • Improved safety: Traditional cabinet handles can pose a risk, especially in crowded kitchens or tight spaces. They may catch clothing or bump into people as they pass by, potentially leading to accidents. Touch-to-open cabinets eliminate these risks, making the kitchen a safer place for everyone, including children.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean: With no handles or knobs, touch-to-open cabinets are easier to clean. There are no crevices or spaces for dirt, dust, or food particles to accumulate, simplifying the cleaning process and promoting a more hygienic kitchen environment.
  • Ideal for small kitchens: In smaller kitchens, space optimization is crucial. Touch-to-open cabinets save valuable space, as there’s no need for additional clearance for handle projection. This allows for more efficient utilization of kitchen real estate, making it easier to accommodate other essential appliances or storage solutions.
  • Enhanced accessibility: Touch-to-open cabinets are particularly beneficial for people with mobility challenges or disabilities. They offer an accessible solution, enabling individuals to use the kitchen more comfortably and independently.
  • Longevity and durability: High-quality touch-to-open mechanisms are built to last, with minimal wear and tear over time. Compared to traditional handles that may loosen or break, touch-to-open systems are more durable and reliable.

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