If you want to give your kitchen a face-lift, or a slight renovation, but you don’t want to replace the whole kitchen suite, why not just renovate the smaller details. Changing the tiling and splash-back can be a good way to breathe new life into your kitchen, and you could consider replacing the kitchen worktops, and cabinet doors too. Changing the cabinet doors can be incredibly effective, and bring a range of benefits. Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design specialists, and this is our guide to the advantages of replacing kitchen cupboard doors.

Why should you replace cabinet doors to update your kitchen?

Replacing cabinet doors can change the appearance of your whole kitchen, as kitchen cabinets tend to stretch across one, two or even three walls of the kitchen. And these can even be full floor to ceiling cabinets too. This means that replacing these can help to:

  • Change the design and style of the kitchen- For example, if your kitchen is currently quite traditional, you can add a contemporary edge with cabinet doors that are high gloss, smooth and even handle-less. While this will need to be paired with the right tiles (plain, and glossy), it can be an effective way to achieve your desired result, without a full renovation. This also works if you want to turn your contemporary space into a more traditional kitchen.
  • Cost effective- Replacing cabinet doors, and trimmings, is a lot cheaper than replacing everything, so this could be a good option for smaller budgets.
  • Replace any damage- Over time your cabinet doors will face more wear and tear than other parts of the kitchen, so they can become scratched and marked easily. Replacing your cabinet doors can help your kitchen look like new again.

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