1. A kitchen Island

A kitchen island is essentially an unattached counter that allows access via all sides. It’s an ideal platform for creating extra work-surface space to prepare and cook food.

Open plan homes have been popular with busy families for the last two decades, which is why a kitchen island is a perfect addition to your family kitchen.

Cooking over an island, while watching the children play in the living or dining room, ensures that you socialise as a family. It also has the added bonus of seeing exactly what your children are up too – especially when they go quiet!

2. Integrated appliances

Appliances such as fridges, washing machines and dishwashers, look much better behind kitchen cupboards as they can detract from the sleek and clean look and feel of the kitchen you have spent time and money creating. Think of a beautiful country style kitchen – with large American style fridge plonked in the middle of it – it’s easy to see why people go for this option!

But for families there’s that extra benefit and peace of mind around having appliances tucked away. Children aren’t drawn to all those interesting knobs and dials you find on washing machines and dishwashers and are therefore, less likely to fiddle!

3. Slow close drawers

Slow close drawers have become increasingly popular over the past decade, particularly with families with young children who want to avoid any nasty accidents!

They are also a great way of extending the life of your drawers and preventing wear and tear.

4. Dining space

Even the smallest of kitchens can combine a dining space, which is perfect for families at meal times.

Make sure you speak to an expert kitchen designer, such as ourselves, so you can get the most out of your space, and incorporate a social area.

5. Easy-to-clean cupboards and worktops

For busy mums and dads, cleaning is perhaps the last thing on the list! That’s why easy-to-clean modern kitchen designs are so popular with families.

Modern, sleek and smooth kitchen cupboards and worktops make great easy-to-clean work surfaces, and the best part? They look fantastic too!

Why not have a look at our selection here.

6. A fridge fit for teenagers!

Anyone who has ever had teenagers knows that the fully-stocked fridge only lasts so long!

American-style fridges have become increasingly popular in the modern family home and it looks like they’re here to stay.

If you’re concerned about the fridge ruining your kitchen design, why not ask your kitchen designer about concealing the fridge behind doors fitting for your kitchen?

7. Designed with you in mind

Having a kitchen designed to your specifications is ultimately the best way to ensure you get an attractive, fully-functional and hard wearing family kitchen that works for your lifestyle.

8. Wine storage

No explanation needed! Juggling work and family can be a rewarding but also a tiring job, so why not treat yourself to a glass of wine!

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